Premier Baby Concierge was indispensable to my husband and me as we prepared for the birth of our son.    Shannon first did a consultation in our apartment, advising us on how best to utilize our limited space to create a nursery.  She then accompanied us on several shopping trips, guiding us through the confusing universe of baby products.  She was incredibly informative and patient as she led us through each product, explaining its function, utility, and alternatives.  In her calm and reassuring manner she helped us to make the best choices without purchasing unnecessarily.  And when we learned that our son would be arriving sooner than expected, she immediately stepped in to help, creating a shopping list for last minute items. Shannon continued to be helpful postpartum, with advice on everything from basic baby care to finding babysitters, moms’ support groups and even personal trainers for postbaby body conditioning.  We wholeheartedly recommend her to any expectant parents!   ~ Natalie G.

Premier Baby Concierge helped my husband and I find a wonderful baby nurse. Shannon spent quite a bit of time researching several nurses for us. Her service allowed me to relax since I felt confident after speaking with Shannon that she would find us the perfect nurse. My husband and I are very thankful for her service.
~ Janet C.

I used Premier Baby Concierge while waiting for my daughter to arrive from Korea. We were unsure of exactly when our daughter would arrive and how old she would be. I felt completely overwhelmed. I knew that we wanted to use cloth diapers, cloth and wood toys, and be as environmentally friendly as we could. I just had no idea of how to start. Then, I met Shannon. She was calm, informative and patient. She spent many afternoons with me (and sometimes my husband) explaining all of my options. By the end, I had a registry that was complete and made me feel comfortable. Shannon also helped me to baby proof my house and fit me for a sling. The baby proofing was so important since my daughter was crawling and cruising by the time she arrived in the US. Shannon made the transition to motherhood easier for me. I can not thank her enough.
~ Sarah B.

Shannon Choe and Premier Baby Concierge provide a complement of services that has found a perfect market with moms like me, providing an invaluable service to both a new and veteran parents. Before and immediately after the birth of our first child three years ago, we (like all new parents-to-be!) felt overwhelmed with the pre-baby to-do list, determining what products we really needed, and knowing where we could turn to for various services, from pediatric to financial. Shannon is simultaneously warm and reassuring, while possessing a vast knowledge base and knack for efficiency and organization. Her guidance has been invaluable, and she was early on our call list when we were expecting child number two. We availed ourselves of a different facet of PBC’s services the second go-around, as both my husband and I returned to demanding jobs shortly after our second baby’s birth. PBC was at-the-ready with their sitter services, ready-made meals delivered to our door, a post-partum fitness regime, and even products to address issues that our second baby has that were new to us, such as acid reflux. I recommend this company often to other parents with the greatest confidence. Thank you, Shannon!
~ Meredith H.